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Szczyrk Facts






Apart from the obvious academic appeal, the Szczyrk conference offers the following hidden benefits:




Szczyrk is closer to Budapest, Bratislava, Prague and Vienna than to Poland's capital Warsaw, a geographic factor which provides interesting ideas for unique lunch-break trips.








The pronunciation of the name itself represents a worthy puzzle for OT enthusiasts (though it's a no-brainer for the locals).










Really close to Cieszyn, home to some of the oldest buildings in Poland. The 11th century Round tower, featured on the 20 zloty bill, has turned the mundane legal tender into a transcendental souvenir.




The ultimate souvenir is available for purchase just a few miles away, in the nearby small town of Koniakw, where the local artists invented folksy lingerie (stringi koniakowskie), an international smashing hit pending EU patenting.